About Us

Dug Hill Rod & Gun Club is an organization that was established in 1940.  It is located at 4100 Wine Rd in Westminster, MD.

The organization was formed to further and promote exclusively, charitable, religious, educational or scientific purposes, and the business and objects to be carried on and promoted by it are:

(1)  To promote good sportsmanship and conservation practices for game, fish, and other natural resources, and

(2)  To promote gun safety and responsible gun ownership,

(3)  To  sponsor 4H Programs and activities in Hunter’s Education and Safety for young people,  and

(4)  To  perform  other  activities  permitted  corporations  under  the  Laws  of  the State  of  Maryland to the extent such activities are permitted of organizations which are  exempt  from  the  Federal  income  tax  under  section  501(c)(3) of  the Internal Revenue  Code  of  1986  (as  amended)  or  the  corresponding  provisions  of  any  future  United  States  Internal  Revenue  Law.

The facility has two trap ranges with the capabilities to throw singles, doubles, and wobble.  There is also an archery range, a 25 yard pistol range, a rifle range for 50, 100, and 200 yards, and a specialized training range that can be used for law enforcement, military, and security training.